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My Little Pony – Μικρό μου πόνυ: 1x3

The End of Flutter Valley (3)

The Bumbles steal the Sunstone and take it back to Bumbleland, where it promptly melts the snow and grows hundreds of flowers. The Flutter Ponies are captured and put in a honeycomb prison. After trying to use their wings to blow the prison apart, Queen Bumble orders honey to be thrown into the prison to immobolize their wings. Meanwhile, the other Ponies are trapped on a rope bridge with the Furbobs and the Stonebacks are eating the ropes at both ends of the bridge. The bridge breaks and they all manage to land safely, except Baby Cuddles, who broke her leg. They decide to take her to Furbobia to mend her leg.

My Little Pony: 1×3
Sep. 17, 1986

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